If you’re at all concerned for any throwable objects within arms reach, any Akira Kurosawa fans will probably want to look away right now. A few months ago the Weinstein company announced they were remaking SEVEN SAMURAI, but another American company, Splendent Media, now has the remake rights to no less than 69 titles from the legendary Japanese director. Variety report the deal includes films such as YOJIMBO, DREAMS, KAGEMUSHA and RASHOMON.

Splendent Media are also entitled to 24 films Kurosawa wrote and a further 19 screenplays that never made it into production, although the agreement doesn’t include the Weinstein remake, or the upcoming modernisations of IKIRU, DRUNKEN ANGEL and HIGH AND LOW. A full list of the films can be found at Splendentmedia.com.

Although there will no doubt be internet outrage over this announcement, the unproduced scripts are intriguing to say the least, and there is a chance that one of these could turn out to be pretty good.