Warner Brothers are set to adapt the French novels THE ADVENTURES OF OSCAR PILL by Eli Anderson, according to sources over at Collider. One of the producers behind the Harry Potter series, David Heyman, is set to actually produce the films through his HeyDay Films banner along with Jeff Clifford. Apparently, it all revolves around a little boy named Oscar Pill, who can travel through the human body…

You can read the Collider article here and more about the books via WikiPedia below.

Oscar Pill is a very ordinary teenager until the day he discovers that he has the power to enter human bodies and he belongs to the order of “Médicus”. His mission is then to fight their enemies, the Pathologus. He will travel across five fabulous worlds of the human body to find each trophy to move to the next world. He will also try to find the mysterious consequences of the death of his father, a great Medicus.

In the first book in the series, Oscar learns that he is a Médicus, then he should go to Cumides Circle to continue his training. The start takes place in a remote prison in Siberia, the great master of Pathologus escaped through a ruse.

There are apparently five books in the series, so will this be the next big franchise for the WB and Heyman. What do you think?

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