Rumours have been circling since INCEPTION was shooting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be cast in Nolan’s final Batman film. Well those rumours are no more as Levitt is officially confirmed.

Its not a total surprise but its always good to have some confirmation. Now there is no news on who he’ll play so casting back to more rumours one of the most probable roles he could play is that of Alberto Falcone who is part of a notorious Gotham crime family, read the BATMAN: LONG HALLOWEEN series to find out more. Like I stated this isn’t set in stone as previous rumours about who Thomas Hardy would play turned up false.

Other Bat news is the possible casting of Juno Temple (GREENBERG). Variety reports that she is looking at “a supporting role as a street-smart Gotham girl”. Bleeding Cool have suggested the character is that of Holly Robinson, the new sidekick of Catwoman’s but I think it might end up being Stephaine Brown, a one time romance of Tim Drake’s Robin as well as ┬ábeing the current Batgirl.