A couple of days ago THN and a bunch of other film related new sources reported some news about the soon to be in production ALIEN prequel. Sadly those titbits of news have ending up being bull.

Casting rumours of Michael Fassbender and others including the apparent film title being PARADISE are all false, debunked by the head of 20th Century Fox,  Senior Vice President of Communications,Chris Petrikin. He twitted various comments such as;

“I don’t know where to begin to correct what is being written about a certain Ridley Scott project…”

Also the news about it being two films shoot back to back which came from a press interview Ridley did recently where he did say that it would be two films but he is only concentrating on the first film.  Concerning where the idea came from for the title is that it is possibly the fictional name that the filming will be called as to not draw too much attention to itself.

Anyway there’s the bare bones on the matter but I’m sure more information, REAL, information will come to light soon after the feud between Ridley and Fox have finished and production can start rolling.