For all you TWIN PEAKS fans, and they’re are many of you, for the 20th anniversary of the show, American TV show PSYCH are filming a tribute episode, Dual Spires, with some of the 1990 series cast returning.

PSYCH is about a fake psychic that with the help of a friend, solves murders.  Its very much like THE MENTALIST mixed with MONK.  The ep is spearheaded by one of the leads of PSYCH, James Roday, a life long TWIN PEAKS fan and the writer behind the reunion.

It features the two leads being called out to a small town where they get wrapped up in the murder of a high school cheerleader.  Of course, lots of referenced hijinx ensue.  The episode will feature the return of TWIN PEAKS favourites;  Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), Ray Wise (Leland Palmer), Robyn Lively (Lana Budding Milford), Lenny von Dohlen (Harold Smith) and Catherine Coulson (The Log Lady).

Apart from Laura and Leland Palmer none of the really big people are coming back for the ep but that’s no surprise with Kyle MacLachlan stuck with some desperate housewives.  Also it’s important to note they will NOT be playing the same characters from the iconic TV show but something very similar.    For more info head over to for an interview with James Roday about the up coming episode.