We’ve come a long way since the grainy 3 minute Comic Con TRON footage found its way to Youtube in 2009. With the UK release date for TRON:LEGACY just over two weeks away (hitting theatres Dec 17th) one fan has lovingly edited their own trailer of the film, named Rerezzed. The title is a nod to the Daft Punk Tron themed music video Derezzed which was released just before the fan posted his cut (admittedly, the two videos have a very similar intro). For those who haven’t heard, the electronica luminaries Daft Punk provide a dramatic dance score for TRON:LEGACY and even feature in the film (costumed of course) during a futuristic nightclub scene. Expect heavy synth and flashing blue lights.

This fan-vid, Rerezzed is cut to the sound of The Glitch Mob by Animus Vox. Of all the homages, re-edits and hatchet jobs I have seen on Youtube, its refreshing to watch a layman creation that actually does the film justice. Have a ganders at it yourself,