Since the announcement of a sequel to last summer’s frankly smashing blockbuster STAR TREK, the internet has been literally alive with speculation, debate and discussion.

There was originally talk that 2 would see the return of Kahn to the TREK franchise however this has recently (and officially) been ruled out. From my very comfy swivelling armchair in leafy England I can feel the collective sigh of discontent as it rolls out speedily across the bandwidths of the world. I must also confess that before STAR TREK (2009) I wasn’t really a fan but that I am a new convert. *runs and hides from the die hards*.

 Anyway, STAR TREK had the unique quality that it successfully did what so many reboots have tried and failed to do in cinema history; it pleased almost everybody. It was funny, it was sensitive and most importantly it respected that which had gone before.

A movie for the fans by the fans…


So moving swiftly back to the now, STAR TREK 2 writer Damon Lindelof confesses that the STAR TREK universe is not about villains. The second movie, he says, will tell the story of the crew of the USS Enterprise. “We’re obviously aware of what people are saying on the web and we’re interested in it but at the same time TREK is not about villains, it’s about the crew and their relationship with eachother; that family”.  I

Discussing the progress of the script, Lindelof was quoted as saying that it will be “awesome”. Encouraging words there Damon and thank you again for those pearls of intergalactic wisdom, I’m sure the DVD commentary will be both inspiring and degrading for you in equal measure. I truly can’t wait.

Returning to the possibility of villains, Bad Ass Digest (not a euphamism) reports that the villain is definitely one of the following.  Harry Mudd, Trelance, Gary Mitchell, The Talosians or the Horta. So, if we’re totally honest, they probably have no idea either… I’m guessing that it will probably be a little out of left field and they’ll tackle the audience head on with a villain that works both psycologically and cinematically. Your guess is as good as mine on who, or what, that ends up being.

Please though make sure JJ Abrams is sitting in the Director’s chair because between this and SUPER 8, I may just let out a little bit of wee.