Spider-ManThe SPIDERMAN reboot has already got some pretty heavy press. Not for the right reasons though we must add since it’s overwhelming focus has been upon the departures of messyr’s Raimi and Maguire, who had turned in decent performances as diretor and star respectively. Now the dust is settling over that particular can of worms, news has begun to leak out about the replacement SPIDERMAN project.

It’s been busy creating all kinds of webs across the internet with rumours about the next big actor to add their name to the already star-packed reboot. Andrew Garfield has already signed on to play Peter Parker and he is joined here alongside Emma Stone and the mighty, frankly class-act that is Rhys Ifans (British Represent!) but it seems that Mr Garfield will not be the only actor nursing a radioactive spider-bite on the set of this particular SPIDERMAN installment.

According to Moviehole, executives from Sony are seeking a ” dark haired Caucasian boy to play a four-to-six-year old Peter Parker”, it goes without saying that a resemblance to Garfield is preferable. The part is presumably  minor, as the film has been rumoured  to focus on Parker’s experiences in college.

Little Pete may not be the only young character in the film, as apparently Sony is also searching for a child actor to play Billy Connors, the son of Doctor Curt Connors; who will purportedly be played by Ifans. Applicants for the role of Billy Connors need to be between eight and eleven years old.

The actor chosen might need to be ready for battle however as at one point in comic book lore, the young boy transformed into a reptilian sidekick The Lizard and then later, with his Lizard persona in full effect, Connors mutilated his own offspring; thus effectively destroying any shred of humanity left inside him. Sounds a bit deep for a movie that needs to be rated 12A or lower…

But the producers have promised us something ” grittier” and so, I won’t rule out any possibilities…

The film, due out in 2012 is directed by Marc Webb.