I cannot belive that it has been ten years since Robert Zemeckis last directed a live-action movie. That film was CASTAWAY, and since then the helmer has focussed on live-action flicks like THE POLAR EXPRESS and A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Now it seems that not only is Zemeckis opting to direct a flick that will star ‘real’ actors, but is looking to return to the subject that helped make his name in Hollywood. Time travel.

Robert Zemeckis
Back To The Future and Castaway director, Robert Zemeckis

Nearlt 25 years to the day since BACK TO THE FUTURE hit cinemas (a film that is playing NOW in a cinema near you for a limited time), Zemeckis is looking at a project called TIMELESS, accordingto Deadline a big tent pole picture that will be written by Mike Thompson.

We haven’t got a great deal more info on TIMELESS, but we’re excited excited excited at the prospect of Mr. Zemeckis bringing us another live action gem to the screen. His next project is YELLOW SUBMARINE, based on the 1968 Beatles film and starring Cary Elwes, Dean Lennox Kelly, Peter Serafinowicz and Adam Campbell.