Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing the villain in Spider-Man reboot?

Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing the villain in Spider-Man reboot?


We are hearing here at The Hollywood News HQ (through Deadline) that none other than Phillip Seymour Hoffman is being considered for the villain in the planned SPIDER-MAN reboot over at Sony. This on top of yesterday’s news that Emma Stone may be the new Mary Jane Watson.

Marc Webb is directing the new film with Andrew Garfield already confirmed to play the role of Peter Parker and Spidey himself.

The villain that Hoffman may play is none other than Venom, a character that appeared in the last movie. This is however, 100% unconfirmed, but we’ll bring you more news as we get it. Here’s WikiPedia’s description of the Venom character.

The creature is a sentient alien with a gooey, almost liquid-like form. It requires a host, usually human, to bond around for its survival. In return the Venom creature gives its host enhanced powers. In effect, when the Venom Symbiote bonds with a human to form a supervillain, that new dual-life form itself is also often called Venom.


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