3D Animated Terminator movie coming

We held off posting this yesterday for reasons that you will read about in just a second. It seems that Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment are joining forces to develop Terminator 3000, a whopping $70 million 3D animated feature based on the characters and storyline of the popular franchise.

There is no word on how the story will form, or how it will follow on from Terminator Salvation, if it does at all. What we do know is that the film is targeting a January start and a PG-13 rating, so expect the violence to be toned down quite a bit.

In an update, which made us hold off on the story late yesterday is that the company that holds the rights to the franchise, have sent a cease and desist letter to Hannover House following the announcement. Deadline has the story. More at the end of the link above.

Hannover House’s Eric Parkinson said that he just got his cease and desist letter, and then told Pacificor’s attorneys of his proprietary rights position, and the fact that he’s got backers in place to make a movie and deliver a big rights fee to Pacificor. “We’ve arranged a meeting, we’ll show them our money and if the rational brain prevails, they’ll take the deal. If not, I can’t do it without them.”

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  1. Mike

    August 14, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    Word is that the cease and desist letter has been rescinded. Details will be released soon. Seems that Parkinson owns the rights to the all animation for the Terminator.

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