You may remember yesterday that we posted an article regarding a hugely exciting new project similar to the Isle Of Man opportunity that allows film production certain tax freedoms. While we cannot say a lot about it at the moment as specific details are embargoed until August 31st, we can reveal that a bunch of talent for a slate of six films (all derived from best-selling novels and top graphic novels) are being targeted.

Amongst them are Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington, Jason Statham, Ethan Hawke, Colin Farrell, Idris Elba, Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor, Cillian Murphy, Bob Hoskins, Ian McShane ,Sam Neill, Ray Winstone, Don Cheadle, Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Eva Green, Natasha McElohne, Paula Patton, Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Tim Olyphant (Justified/The Crazies), Mickey Rourke and Nicolas Cage.

So, in our honest opinion that talent list for these projects ticks most of the boxes for us. All that you have to do is add Gary Oldman, Bobbie De Niro (well, non-comedy De Niro), Liam Neeson, and some more hot actresses into the mix and you have it all.

For more details on the planned opportunity, click it here!

We have heard that a twin to the IOM opportunity is being assembled at the moment. The details include a mixed war chest comprised of debt financing and equity that has been raised and continues to be raised through financial advisors that are former and present elements of Deutsche Bank, and former UBS and Goldman principals. The raise is for a slate of films based off of New York Times bestsellers and top comic book properties, and the raising company would hold territory production exclusivity as well as benefit from a higher production tax relief incentive than most anywhere worldwide (including IOM).Other commercial arrangements to be detailed further.

The board of advisors are ex-Disney, present Deutsche,  an interactive CEO, and Ad agency principals.

Stay tuned here as we’ll be reporting live from the territory as its government and company principals announce…and we’ll have more inside exclusive scoop.

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